Brener Ramos


This project consits of analyzing the electoral data from the 2022 Brazilian election. More specifically, data from each ballot is gathered and processed from official government sources. A few questions like “What changed from the previous election (2018)?” or “How spatially concentrated are voters?” are some of the questions I wished to answer.  In order to achieve this in a more compelling way, I created the dashboard below. Hover over the figures to display information and change the plots. 

Update: The dashboard was hosted on an Amazon EC2, which costs money. Since I ran out of my free tier, I disabled it. However the code is still publicly available on GitHub. 

More details:

  • Whole code is written in Python;
  • All data is downloaded from official Brazilian goverment websites ( and;
  • Data manipulation is performed with Pandas; 
  • Plots and maps are created with Plotly and Mapbox; 
  • Dashboard is created with Dash; 
  • The app can be executed directly with Python after installing all requirements or by building a Docker image;
  • The Dashboard is currently hosted on a t2.micro AWS EC2 instance with Nginx (Web Server) and Gunicorn (Web Server Gateway Interface).